Liquid Bullet-Proof Armour01:35

Liquid Bullet-Proof Armour

Watch the whole thing it is good

Bullet proof people think of bullet proof vests and that is because they are the most common bullet proof things.  So this page will tell you about bullet proof vests.

Bullet Proof IntroEdit

So bullet proof vests have gone through 3 evolutions.  Obviously the first one is kevlar and that was heavso they foud out that a little kevlar plus ceramic plates equals lighter adn better.  Next the people wearing the vests wanted it easier to move around in so they make ones out of non-newtonian shear thickening liquids.

Section headingEdit

So the first stage of bullet proof vests was just kevlar and it was heavy and not very easy to move around in.  The next stage of bullet proof vests was less kevlar and mostly ceramic plates the ceramic plates are what stopped the bullets in this version. The next and most recent version is a vest filled with liquid.  I kno what you are thinking "Liquid What?".  Well this is no ordinary liquid.  have you ever played with Ooblek before.  If not you should try it it is fun.  If you have you know how when you slap it rally fast it fells solid.  Well actually if you move fast enough you can walk on it.  The reson you can do this is because it is a non-newtonian fluid so it can get thinner(shear thinning) or it can get thicker(shear thickening) so ooblek is a shear thickening fluid whichqhich means when you add pressure to it(the slap) it will act like a solid.  They made a liquid like that but it acts so much like a solid that it is strong enough to stop a bullet.  The liquid is so strong that the cloth ontop of the liquid does not even get penetrated.

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