What is Nanotechnology?!06:41

What is Nanotechnology?!


This is Nanotech

Have you ever had a fly buzz by your ear.  If you have then imagine that being an electronic fly.  Wouldn't that be cool yeah that is the first step of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology SimplyEdit

So nanotechnology is a really big thing for the U.S. right now.  Nanotech would be like a mechanical bug that is electronical.  So lets say I made a fly with a tiny little circuit board and the board made it fly around just like a fly and just for the complexity lets say that i had a really small ultra-sonic sensor so it wouldn't run in to anything.  To have technology that small is very hard because components for circuit boards are hand made.  I will get into more detail in the next part of this page.

Nanotech(for real)Edit

So as I said above if a man made fly was to go by your ear that would be cool right?  So nanotech is very self explanatory.  It it is nano(very small) tech(technology).  Nanotech is a big step into the future.  So nanotech consists of three more things that mankind needs.  Mankind still needs smaller components, smaller circuit boards, and a very accurate person that can solder in components or a machine that can solder very accurately.

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